Hi, I’m Amie!

If we were talking in person I would say, “Amie, with an I-E-not-Y.”

I’m 23, from California and currently living in Idaho (it is the best kept secret in the world, I’m obsessed with it).

I love Jesus (He takes this whole “life-thang” to another level), people (they make the world interesting and colorful), coffee (it preserves my sanity), adventure (it revives my soul), running (well..on most days at least), and gratitude (I could rant about it forever).

 Actually, most of what I write about on this blog all points back to the importance of being thankful. 

With all of that said, my hope is that while you read this blog, your perspective towards life would become sweeter, more joyful, hope-filled, optimistic, and adventurous. While there are plenty of valid reasons to be a pessimist in this world, I am of the persuasion that there are even more reasons to be an endless optimist-its all in how you see it!


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